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In addition to our superb day care services, we are also delighted to be able to offer the perfect wrap-around package to also include over-night stays for our regular day care dogs.

When boarding with Mansfield Doggy Day Care, you can relax during your time away in the knowledge that your dog is being treated to a one of a kind service that sets us apart from local kennels. Your dog will enjoy the familiarity and routine of attending our day care centre during the day with all his or her doggy pals, and then head home with our fully licensed home boarder and daycare manager Cathy, for nights of home comforts as they rest those paws and seamlessly blend into the loving family.

Whether it be one night sleepovers, short weekend breaks or weeks away on holiday, Mansfield Doggy Day Care are here to take the stress away by ensuring your dog will be safe, happy and comfortable.

* Please note - Overnight boarding is only available for active daycare dogs who attend at least once a week.


How It Works

  • During regular daycare opening times, (Monday - Friday, 7.45am - 6pm, excluding bank holidays) your dog will spend the day playing with their pals at our doggy day care centre in the great hands of our daycare staff, ensuring they get just the right amount of play, socialisation and rest time.

  • As our centres doors close for the day, your dog will then head on the very short journey to our fully licensed five star rated home boarders for a comfortable night where they can rest those paws in a warm, loving, family environment. Here they will spend the night before heading back to our centre the following day.

  • Over weekends and bank holidays when our centre is closed, your dog will remain with the home boarder where they will embark on adventurous dog walks and mind stimulating fun dog games to keep them occupied and happy throughout the day, as they become a temporary addition to the family.

  • As always, we will just be on the other side of the phone whether it be at daycare or the home boarders if you’d like to touch base and find out how your furry loved one is getting on, and photo / video updates can also be provided if you’d like them.



In order for your dog to be able to take advantage of our super boarding package, they must meet the following criteria… 

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They must be registered with daycare and in regular attendance (minimum of once per week)
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They must have passed our suitability check to show they are happy and comfortable for full days in the daycare environment and will be happy with consecutive full days if applicable.
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They must be friendly with men, women and children.
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A trial night will be required for boarding stays of over 2 nights.


Below is a guide of our boarding + daycare prices however the final cost will depend upon drop off and collection times, plus any eligible discounts. Please contact us for availability and an accurate quote.

You will still receive any applicable discounts to the daycare element of the booking if eligibility has been met.

Overnight Stay: £12
Full Day Daycare: £26 (- any eligible discount)
Half Day Daycare: £18 (- Any eligible discount)

The final price will be calculated depending on drop off and collection times and taking into account any eligible discounts. The rate set for the drop off day and collection day will be in line with regular daycare rates, for example, drop offs made before 1pm will be classed as a full day and drop offs after 1pm will be classed as a half day, likewise for collections, pick ups before 12.45pm will be classed as a half day and after 12.45pm will be a full day.


To check availability and to receive an accurate quote, simply drop us an email or give us a call. You can also submit your boarding request via the customer portal.

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