Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for dogs is a very popular and effective method of exercise and rehabilitation in a low impact, weight free and controlled environment. Swimming in clean warm water in a controlled environment exercises virtually every muscle in the body, apposed to pressure and jarring of your dogs joints caused on high impact walks and runs. This is why hydrotherapy is perfect for dogs who suffer from lameness, short or long term injuries, arthritic joins, hip dysplasia, overweight dogs, pre & post surgery, or simply to improve overall fitness and wellbeing.

Here at Mansfield Canine Hydrotherapy, we are able to offer both medical swims with our fully qualified hydrotherapist, who will create a plan tailored to your dogs medical condition and needs as well as being the hydrotherapist throughout the journey of your dogs treatment, as well as none medical swims, also known as leisure swims, where you can enjoy our fabulous pool facilities for a good old splash and swim around, with the choice of taking a dip yourself with your dog, or upgrading to a Fun/Fitness Swim where you can choose to stay dry and watch on poolside as one of our trusted staff swim your dog for you.

In hydrotherapy, the water is heated to about 30 degrees centigrade. Warm water used in hydrotherapy helps reduce joint swelling, provides relaxation, improve movement of stiff or swollen joints, strengthen weak muscles and alleviate aches and pains. After their swim, your dog will then be treated to a warm shower down with a shampoo massage and blow dried.


Medical Swims

Medical swims will be conducted by our qualified canine hydrotherapist who has many years of experience in the field. A referral from your dogs vet will be required and an initial consultation swim must be completed where an appropriate treatment plan will be created tailored to your dogs needs.

Many Insurance Companies will reimburse the costs for Hydrotherapy treatment. It is your responsibility to check the Policy Wording prior to booking your session. We cannot be held responsible for any Insurance Company that refuses to refund your costs. We can complete claim forms however we do not allow Direct Insurance Claims. You will be required to pay for your treatment at each appointment and claim it back from the Insurance Company.


Leisure Swims

Our pool is also available for leisure swims, where both dog and owner can have a splash of a time together in the pool. Perfect for those dogs that just love the water and for when you want to escape the cold, wet and windy British winters or the hot pavements in the summer time. In addition to the benefits of exercise and fun, you and your dog will enjoy some great one-on-one bonding time in a safe and clean environment, with doggy life jackets, floats and suitable toys provided for your visit and a member of staff always on hand for any assistance.

An initial consultation is not required for Leisure Swims however please complete your dogs registration via the following link. Register For Leisure Swims

Leisure Swim appointments are for 30 minutes, with a maximum swim time of 20 minutes as recommended by canine hydrotherapy safety standards.


Fun And Fitness Swim

Prefer to stay dry and watch on poolside? Not a problem. Upgrade your Leisure Swim to a Fun And Fitness Swim where a member of our trained staff will swim your dog for you, following an exercise program suited to your dogs age, breed and condition.

Please note - in order for your dog to attend a fitness swim with a member of our staff, you must first have our Fitness Swim Consent Form completed by you and your dogs vet.


The Benefits Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy began as a treatment for humans in ancient times and expanded to include animals when several animals started benefitting it too. The benefits of hydrotherapy include:

Improved circulation which leads to healthy skin and coat
Increased joint flexibility and decreased joint pain
Increased muscle strength
Increased lymph drainage which helps rid the body of toxins and improves the immune system
Increased cardio respiratory endurance
Increased flexibility, and agility
It encourages better digestion
Hydrotherapy helps obese dogs lose weight. It is a great form of low-impact exercise, which helps promote weight loss and general fitness in dogs.


Things To Know

Your dog does not need to be registered with daycare to attend hydrotherapy.

All dogs will be swam wearing a life jacket supplied by Mansfield Canine Hydrotherapy.

It is highly recommended that your dog does not undergo any other form of exercise on the same day as a swim. We therefore are not able to accept any hydrotherapy bookings for dogs that have also attended daycare with us on that same day.

A dog should not be swam for any longer than 20 minutes. The recommended swim time can vary and may be less dependant on your dogs physical condition and medical needs. This will be discussed more upon consultation.

Dogs should not and will not be forced to swim whilst in our care. Keeping your dog safe and comfortable at all times is at our upmost importance. Your dogs signals and body language will be monitored  and the decision to do what’s best for your dog’s mental and physical health will be prioritised at all times. If your dog is scared, he/she should not be forced to swim as it may result in injury or distress. Instead a suitable plan can be put in place to aid your dogs confidence around water with confidence builder sessions using positive training techniques.

We can accept payment by card or cash upon appointment.

No dogs should be left unattended in the pool or the pool area. Medical swims will be conducted by our hydrotherapist and dogs attending leisure swims will be accompanied in the pool by their owner or a member of our team.

We operate a strict policy of one dog in the pool at one time.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to swim in the pool however are welcome to view from the viewing area.

We do not currently have a hoist facility and therefore we may not be able to accept all registrations. There may also be an additional charge for any dogs that require an additional staff member to be in attendance which will be discussed where applicable.



Medical Swim

Consultation For Medical Swims: £35.00

Medical Swims: £30.00

Block of 5X medical swims: £150.00

Block of 10X medical swims: £275.00

Leisure Swim

Leisure Swims: £23.00

Block of 5x Leisure Swims: £100.00

Block of 10X Leisure Swims: £180.00

Multi-Dog Leisure Swims: £33.00
+£10 discounted price for each additional dog from the same household. +30 minutes onto the session duration for each additional dog. *Only one dog permitted in the pool at one time*.

Fun and Fitness Swim

Fun and Fitness Swim: £28.00

Block of 5x fun & fitness sessions: £120.00

Block of 10x fun & fitness sessions: £230.00


Refer A Friend

With our refer a friend program, both you and your friend can receive £5 off your next swim.

Simply tell your friends about our fabulous hydrotherapy centre and ensure they enter your name in the Refer A Friend question on the registration form. Following the referred friends first paid session, you will both then receive £5 off your next session. The great news is, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer so refer away and enjoy your rewards!

*The person making the referral must have attended an appointment in the past 3 months.

*The referral credit will only be applied following the first paid session by the referred person.

*Referral credit is none transferable or exchangeable.


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